About Us

Tropicana Flea Market is one of the Miami’s Largest flea market. Tropicana Flea Market has over 200 indoor and outdoor booths. Established in 1992,Tropicana Flea Market is home to many vendors and merchants who provide a wide selection of products and merchandise at great prices.
Tropicana Flea Market has an unbelievable Range of products from tools to produce, shoes, clothing, pets, and food courts, cosmetics and tapes and much more! furniture, bedding, auto accessories and tires.
You are guaranteed to enjoy the shopping at Tropicana Flea Market. Tropicana Flea Market is Open Friday to Sunday – 7.00 AM to 7.00 PM Free parking and 24 hours security A major source of employment for the community for over 600 people working at the market.